Axsapt Scripting Engine

The Axsapt Scripting Engine is a powerful tool that allows support personnel to execute commands on your system for useful tasks as checking and repairing databases, restructuring of information and extracting complex data and generating Excel reports.

Popular Scripts:
cust_rating.axs – Customer Rating in ABM and Legrand CRM
snapshot.axs– Vision Stocktake Snapshot for later regression reporting
DisplayHomeAndFileServerPaths.axs – Display Vision Home and File Server paths – Developed by Richard McChesney from Reboot
stylecodefix.axs – Allows you to regenerate the accountcode of Matrix/Vision databases where the combination of Style/Colour/Size is greater than 25 characters which exceeds the permissable value in Sybiz Vision.
TaxRoundFix.axs – This script fixes minor outstanding amounts on customer invoices usually as a result of tax rounding errors. It works by checking that tax on each line item has rounded to 2 decimals and recalculates total taxes on customer invoices and aligns to the summary tax recorded.
GSSybiz_deleteblanks.axs – deletes Job, Customer, Supplier, Inventory and General Ledger Master File records with blank titles (submitted by Peter Trenaman from Groupsupport Pty Ltd)
VisionMatrixReIndex.axs – powerful reindex outside of Vision and Matrix
Styles_Colours_greater_15.axs – finds styles in Matrix for Vision with greater than 15 colours
Fix_Matrix_Failed_Transactions.axs – detects and reprocesses invoices and credits that have failed to process. Note: works only on sites with MatServer.
AxsaptBackup.axs – a simple backup script that uses this public domain Zipping program:  7za.exe
browse.axs – allows you to view Matrix DBF files that Sybiz’s Eyeball is unable to view (for example styles.dbf)
ABM_Sales.axs – extracts sales information from an ABM SQL Server database into an Excel XLS sheet
EOYVPBackup.axs – backs up your Visipay Company folder automatically renaming it to identify it as belonging to the 2008-2009 financial year.
style_export.axs – creates a version 5.0 FoxPro table: styles2.dbf and strips out the new autoincrementing key that is incompatible with some third party applications that interface with Axsapt/Noble Matrix for Sybiz Vision.
Commission_report. A new commission report that allows you to check commissions being paid. There are two reports here, the first is a list of invoices paid showing line items, the amount paid against each line and the commission payable. The second report is the commission report used for the actual payments to the sales personnel.

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